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About Ghazal Toushehkhah

Ghazal Toushehkhah


Call Gur Sappal+1 (416) 525-5111 Mail to Gur Sappalghazaltkh@royallepage.ca

Ghazal has always been closely or indirectly interested in this area. With a passion in interior designing, she quickly became interested in buildings and the potential of each. However, through her altruism and entrepreneurial genes, Ghazal opted for a career change towards real estate brokerage where she can help and support people in the acquisition or sale of their home. Her experience as a designer is therefore to your advantage during an acquisition to target the issues, but especially the potential of a property to meet your needs. To sell your home, you will be as charmed by her ideas in home staging and marketing. By her honesty, authenticity and desire to defend your interests, you will always have the correct information, because the satisfaction of her customers is primordial and essential. Do not delay in contacting her to benefit from her professionalism and her determination to assist you in your projects!